Alcohol as recreational drug

Generally, the drugs increase the recreational feelings of a person is called recreational drugs. These are not good for health but increases good feelings. Sometime it can change your mood and give you energy. It also provides you the freshness in your work. There are various types of drugs that are used by general people such as alcohol, amphetamines, THC, barbiturates, PCP, heroin, cocaine and others, which are openly used such as coffee, tee and cola beverages.
Here, alcohol is one of the most known and important . It is produced by the fermentation of fruits, grains, vegetables, etc. It is the oldest drug in the world and also widely used. This means alcohol is sometime very useful in daily life. ThisĀ  drug (alcohol) are consumed in Western world and used by all the countries in the world. A huge number of people is attracted by alcohol in many purposes and the percentage of attracted adult people are 80%. Some people try to remove mental illness and take drugs such as alcohol.
Much time alcohol is misused by many people. The misuse of alcohol is very dangerous for human health. Sometime it causes death. Sometime it causes very dangerous disease such as cancer. When it is misused, it does not remove mental illness but increase mental illness. Many people drink alcohol as an important part of their own lifestyle. School, college or university is now influenced by alcoholic drug. Sometime friends of some people are forced them to drink alcohol.
Drinking too much alcohol is very dangerous for health. It can weaken your all system in your body. It can also weaken your immune system, which can be very dangerous for you. Therefore, you can attract by HIV. It can also effect your brain and gives a result to you such as less Sleep, Loss of coordination, Impaired attention, Unsteadiness when standing or walking, etc.
Sometime alcohol can damage our health. So, it is needed to mix the right percentage of alcohol in various drags and food. Beer contains 3-6% alcohol and wine contain 8-12% alcohol. Above this percentage, the alcohol is very dangerous. It is true that, alcohol is very dangerous for health, but it is also true that it is needed some food preservation and other necessary purposes. Some food need alcohol, if we want to preserve them for a long time. If we want to paint our house, we also need alcohol because it is needed to mix alcohol with color, and it increases the quality of color. So, alcohol is needed in painting.
We have to become conscious to use about alcohol the overdose an overdose of alcohol is very dangerous for health and also our body. And beside we need to use the right percentage of alcohol. So, we get a conclusion about alcohol is that, right use of alcohol is not dangerous for us but overdose and unnecessary use of alcohol to the health and also human beings.

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