Mushrooms: Magic Mushrooms as a recreational drug

‘Psilocybe’ mushrooms, a genus of mushrooms that are produced largely in several countries in the world, including the UK is called Magic mushrooms generally.These type of Mushrooms are consumed to get high contain psilocybin and make a similar psychedelic experience as taking LSD. After the identification and isolation from its natural source in the 1950s, psilocybin was used in psychiatry to serve the treatment of a wide range of terms including alcohol addiction, anxiety and depressive disorder.They can be made into a tea and also taken raw or dried. There are more than 80 species of magic mushrooms worldwide. A lot of varieties produced in the country include UK and Northern Europe’s ‘Liberty Caps’ (Psilocybe semilanceata) and North America’s Psilocybe cubensis.Now a days, the world’s most known magic mushroom is the European Fly Agaric (amanita muscaria), the red-and-white bobbed toadstool which often crops up in children’s literature.

Unlike other recreational drugs, magic mushrooms have a long-term positive mental and behavioral effect on people who take them and these include-Taking psychedelic fungus results behaving and feeling better as a result 14 months after ingestion, 64% of patients have experienced at least a ‘moderate increment’ in well being and life satisfaction and they listed magnified feelings of self-confidence, optimism, flexibility and creative thinking. According to the scientists, Psilocin binds to and excites serotonin receptors in the brain. After indigestion, the mushrooms will take around a hour to take affect. Mushrooms give the feeling of energy, and a common sense of restlessness, (often leaving in long twining walks).

While accepting mushrooms for recreational purposes one must be conscious of the dosage and consider the private species and its Effectiveness. The allowed maximum dosage of dried out mushrooms are five grams but beginner should start on one to two grams for the first time. There is an easy tippy experience where lights and images can be amplified. while taking overdose,  a many people feel vomiting and nausea, as well as unwanted thoughts and visions.Mushrooms can be a strong hallucinogenic experience, especially when taken in high and up to permitted doses. Magic mushrooms are classified as a Class A drug in the U.K. and are also illegal, and other countries are starting to apply.

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