The Future of Recreational Drugs in the world

Future of Recreational Drugs

The Future of Recreational Drugs in the world Our world is being changed day by day and as a part of recreation people start changing their style and mood of taking recreational drugs. We can guess a world where temper drops would be unknown, where the monotone and boring could become charming and enjoyable. The world would be a place where a dreadful memory could be simply wiped out or, where instead of leaving anything one could simply just retrieve more. Instead of illegality new, fresh and better doses are coming on the market every year that not only treat disease, but also raise our lives as well. Now, we have started to build better bodies and better minds through medicine, and we are on beginning position.  In the sports world, many drugs are being taken for the refreshment of body and mind but in the future, many will be getting an edge through performance raising drug. Although, Pain killers are currently being used by sportsmen to help them perform through hurt, but they are also used because they increment blood pressure granting muscles to better use oxygen. But, In the future new types of pain killers will increase this power for better performance. Futurists have even pictured a future where nanotechnology might give the sportsmen the ability to broaden their bodies’ oxygen using powers to an entirely new level for robust performance. Any missing discovery in brain functions might grant us to be able to carry off previous memories. Scientists conceive that it will be possible to produce a drug with the ability to help remove specific long-term memories.  At present all kinds of recreational drugs have the negative side effects which seem to be dangerous. For example, if anybody takes alcohol in high enough quantities, the liver will be destroyed and Nicotine is addictive and can cause cancer. In the future, recreational drugs will become much safer and much less addictive. Specialists and scientists are already working on the improvement of drugs that will give an alcohol or Nicotine type viral without an addictive quality. Though, it is challenging to predict the future of recreational drugs, but with the development of science one matter is for sur day. If any dangerous recreational drugs turn into a positive sense then it will be a matter of happiness for the future generation.


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